Rites of Passage, founded in 1977, offers Vision Quests, retreats and training programs that bring people into a deep encounter with the natural world, exploring the human-nature connection to reflect and transform the inner world.  This work begins with hearing the call to quest, an impulse as ancient as humanity:  the path of the hero/ine.  It will appeal to men, women and young people in life transition or change, and to those wanting to deepen their spiritual path and sense of purpose.  See below for more information about our programs.

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Ceremonial Rites of Passage

Turtle fire 225These ceremonies, with their challenges of solitude, fasting and exposure to nature, help us to affirm our inner strengths and capacities, face our fears, and listen to the song of our own soul rather than the world’s distracting drumbeat.  They will appeal to people who are at a point of change or transition in their lives, and to those who wish to deepen a spiritual or healing path. Read more...


Vision Quest

dsc 0967There comes a time when you must leave family, friends and work behind and go off alone, looking within to discover your changes in the circle of life. The Vision Quest is the name of this journey. The Vision Quest is an ancient  rite of passage ceremony, enabling men, women and youth to engage an age-old ceremonial pattern: completion of an old life, movement through the threshold of the unknown, and return to the world reborn. People in any life stage or transition will find meaning in this powerful process.

This is a path that has been followed by human beings for thousands of years. You hear these questions calling you-- "Who am I?” "What do I have to give?"  "How can I heal my wounds?" Despite being afraid, you know this is something you have to do. So you meet with others like yourself, and guided by caring staff you prepare yourself for the journey. You learn about the wilderness terrain, putting together the necessary equipment, about physical safety and survival, and about the inner terrain, going over the story that has brought you to this threshold. You study ancient symbols and teachings that will help illuminate your way. All the while, the small group is becoming a community, offering support and love.  Read more...

Youth Programs

Two youth 225With its core elements of wilderness, solitude and self-reliance, our youth Vision Quest provides an opportunity for young people on the threshold of adulthood to test their courage, self-understanding and capacity to live independently.  For younger teens, we offer programs that serve as "stepping stones" toward the achievement of independence.  As one young man wrote, "Just go.  It is an experience you cannot get any other way.  Everyone should be able to see life in this way."  Read more...  



Group photoBased on the core principles of a rite of passage, Rites of Passage workshops support individuals to navigate life transitions, crises or changes with authenticity, courage and insight--plus a good dose of fun.  Workshops feature: clarification of purpose, earth-based spiritual tools that assist in the journey, intentional time spent in the natural world, reflection and deepening of the healing stories that emerge.  Read more...

Training Program
Medicine WheelFocused on learning about rites of passage in nature, utilizing practices and tools derived from native and non-native teachers and teachings, spiritual pathways, ecopsychology, and wilderness experience. For personal and professional development; for healers and leaders.  "This workshop served as powerful incorporation work and a bookend to the Vision Quest I undertook over four years ago." --Tom Anderson, Mirroring Workshop, December 2010 Read more...


Upcoming Program

IMG 0938Spring Vision Quest
April 23-May 1, 2016
Kingston Range, Mojave Desert


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Listen to an interview with ROP Executive Director Mike Bodkin on A Congruent Life.

The last weeks since the quest have unfolded in such a sweet and magical way, so much movement, and such a greater acceptance and understanding of myself. It was everything it needed to be for me and I feel so blessed, so grateful to have gone through that process in your capable hands. I've recommended it to many people since then, and I will continue to share what I can with others.

~Dashielle Vawter
Ordained Minister and Wilderness Guide

It was a journey rich with unexpected gifts of insight and unfiltered experiences of truth and beauty. The guidance was masterful--with just the right combination of experienced wisdom, open invitation, loving support, and gentle challenge.

~Ed Claassen
Past Vice President & Director,
The Grove Consultants International

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